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Dr. Berman- I have a friend who bounces from job to job to job. She is currently out of work and I really feel for her. Recently a position came up at my company that, in theory, she would be great at. The biggest issue is that at almost every other place she has ever worked has ended in a resignation or a polite lay-off - so she can still get benefits.
Natural Birth.
Dr. Berman I have one of those hippy, spiritual, kind of out there friend's whom I adore. She is 6 months pregnant and just told a few of us closest to her that she is going to do a natural water birth at home with a mid-wife. She wants it to be peaceful and to welcome a child into a warm and loving environment rather than a "sterile cold hospital".
Should I tell her doctor?
Dr. Berman- My wife is in therapy for, among other things, OCD and anorexia nervosa. She does eat and we are in the clear as far as her being too thin, but she is lying to her therapist about how much she eats. She pads her food and calorie intake.
Mama's Boy
Dr. Berman- I met a really great guy. We are both 33 and both have really great jobs. We've been dating for over a month and finally he brought me home to meet his mom. Literally to his home- where he and his mom lived together.
You have feelings for your ex but they don't for you...

Dr Berman, I was at a party for New Years and my ex was there.  We still hang in the same circle of friends.  We have both started dating people as well.  We broke up because our schedules never worked but there wasn’t really any hard feelings.  Just sadness.  Well,...

Let down on New Year's Eve
Dr Berman, the guy that I have been dating for about 3 months did absolutely nothing special with me for New Years Eve. I kept asking him what we were going to do and he kept saying he was still figuring it out. Well lo and behold Saturday morning he called me and said let's make it a low key night and order Chinese in and have a bottle of wine. This was so disappointing to me because he knew how much I wanted to celebrate and be out.
We're married... When will be intimate?
Dr. Berman- When my gf and I got engaged she made a big deal about abstaining as we got closer to the wedding. 3 months out- we stopped all activity because she wanted to make it special on our wedding night. Well our wedding night was Saturday and guess what- nothing happened. She got too drunk and passed out in her dress.
Do I tell my husband about an old fling?
Dr. Berman- before I met my husband and got married I had a little fling with a guy from my gym. It lasted only a few months. I never told my husband about it, and while it was amazing, it was just a fling. I still see him at the gym though and we flirt but nothing serious. So- my husband just told me that we are going away this weekend to Turks and Caicos for the 4th and wouldn't you know...
How to stand out in a crowd
Dr. Berman- I am what you can call a plain Jane. It never really bothered me because my close friends we all like me. Now 2 of them have recently started wearing a lot of makeup and dressing a lot different than I do. I used to get attention from men before and now I don't because my friends look a lot better than me now.
Age Difference.
Dr. Berman- I am 42 and met a really great guy. Here's the thing- he's 30. I know I look good for my age, and he tells me how pretty I am all the time. I should have nothing to be worried about and yet constantly I feel like people are looking at us and thinking that I am too old for him.
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