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Will my messiness be an issue in dating?
Posted by By: Dr. Laura Berman on May 05 2020
Dr Berman- I just started dating a guy and I like him a lot. There is one issue though that I don’t think will be a problem on my side, but potentially be one on his. I am messy. Not dirty. But my theory has always been wherever I put something down- that’s its new home. I know where everything is- but it can look very scattered. I tried to Marie Condo my closets- but got distracted in the middle of it and overwhelmed and just realized it’s not worth it. The guy though- he is military. Everything has a place. There is no clutter anywhere- I am not sure how he lives that way. Anyway- it doesn’t bother me how he is- but I think I bother him. For example- the other night we came home and I took my jacket off and put it on the kitchen chair and my boots off in my living room and he couldn’t understand why I didn’t walk over to the coat closet for both.. and honestly – it never occurred to me to do that. That’s minor- but I can see it happening a lot. DO you think this can be an issue in the long run? Shaina
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