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Childhhood Trauma Coming Up In Your Adult Life
Posted by By: Dr. Laura Berman on March 24 2020
Hi Dr. Berman, I'm dealing with a lot of childhood trauma and would like to ask which I should work on first, how long I should expect the process to take until I feel healthy to date again and what type of therapist I should look for. 1. My father was an alcoholic and he and my mother separated when's so was four. I witnessed him abuse her once which caused the separation. He was the typical alcoholic father my life after that, abandoning me, not paying child support, fighting with my mother, not holding down a job and being in and out of jail. I ended the toxic relationship with him 12 years ago. 2. From ages 5-6 I was sexually abused sex, I didn't tell anyone until age 27. 3. My mother was my caretaker and provided for me physically but not emotionally. She was angry, emotionally abusive and I believe suffers from bipolar. I felt she didn't like me as a person, with repeated incidents, so haven't spoken to her in 10 years. I can't be near her because she's toxic but do appreciate the hard time she had raising me and think she did a decent job. As you can imagine, I have had very volatile and unsupportive relationships. I am in an Al-Anon group and have read Adult Children of Alcoholics twice, and will begin the big red book tonight. I'm searching for a therapist now and wanted to ask these three questions before settling on anyone. Christina
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