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What are the top complaints wives have about their husbands? Dr. Berman dives into that topic as well as helping out a woman whose college son wants to move in with his girlfriend, will he be too distracted? Also, we hear from a woman... Read More

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The top complaints unhappy wives have about their husbands.
He never helps around the house. He doesn't know anything about the kids. He's always playing video games. We have the same arguments every darn day. And he drinks too much. .- What do you think? Email me at questions@uncoveredradio.com or tweet me @drlauraberman
Do blondes have more fun?
Do blondes have more fun? Well, if you onsider cheating a grand ole time, then you betcha! Dr. Berman discusses tonight on Uncovered! Be sure to weigh in @drlauraberman
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Planning to get married on December 13, 2014 - (12/13/14)? You might be too late. 20,000 American couples are already planning to get married on 12/13/14, which had only 7,200 weddings last year at the same time. So I wonder- does the date really matter to you? A similar thing happened on 7/7/07. I want your opinion on this- email me @questions@uncoveredradio.com or tweet me @drlauraberman
Fighting with you significant other? Take a road trip!
Tonight on Uncovered, Dr. Berman talks about the importance of always trying to get to know your partner. Be sure to weigh in! Email at questions@uncoveredradio.com or tweet @drlauraberman
How would you describe your morning routine?
How do moms describe their morning routine? Thirty-seven percent of the mothers polled say their morning routine is like a traveling circus. Twenty-two percent think of it as a fire drill in a movie theater. Twenty percent say every morning is like an intense cardio workout. Fourteen percent mentioned a space mission to Mars. And 7 percent of moms admit their morning routine is like a food fight in a school cafeteria. How would you describe your morning routine? Email me at Questions@uncoveredradio.com or tweet me @drlauraberman
Myths about HPV
Dr. Berman talks about the HPV virus and ways to handle it tonight on Uncovered. Be sure to catch it!
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