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Producer Michelle has a dilemma and Dr. Berman helps her out! Also, is she in a toxic relationship? Is his daughter ready to be dating? And when is it right to have sex with your partner? Dr. Berman tackles it all on Uncovered Radio.... Read More
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Are you an "urgency addict"?
Are you an "urgency addict", someone who sees every task as an emergency? Here's how to know if you are: urgency addicts have constant anxiety, impatience, and distraction due to the next "urgent" matter. How can you stop being an "urgency addict"? Just stop saying "yes" to every task that comes your way. Tell me- are you guilty of this? Email me at Questions@uncoveredradio.com or tweet me @drlauraberman
Childless couples have happier marriages, study reveals
If you and your mate aren't planning on having children, it could be a good thing. Couples without kids are happier with their partners than parents are, according to new research. They also do a better job of showing mutual appreciation. I want you to weigh in on this- email me at: questions@uncoveredradio.com or tweet me @drlauraberman.
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What's in your kids lunch box?
What do we pack in our kids' lunch boxes? The most popular lunch box fare is sandwiches, followed by salty snacks, and fruit drinks. Only 12 percent of lunch boxes have cookies, and only 9 percent of parents put veggies in their kids' lunch box. So I want to know- what do you pack for your children? Email me at questions@uncoveredradio.com or tweet me @drlaurabernan
Swearing good for your health?
While you should avoid it front of the kids, research shows that your brain and body cope better with what's bothering you when you swear. Researchers found swearing increases heart rates, which triggers a fight-or-flight response, allowing the body to tolerate or even ignore pain. You can even start a swear jar and double the benefits. Do you tend to curse or swear when you are stressed out? Do you think it calms you down- email me at questions@uncoveredradio.com or tweet me @drlauraberman
What would you tell your younger self?
What would parents tell their younger selves? Eat more fruits and vegetables tops a new survey, followed by eating less, taking more "me" time, sleeping more, and not sweating the small stuff. What would you tell your younger self? Email me at questions@uncoveredradio.com or tweet me @drlauraberman
Did or will you choregoraph your first wedding dance?
One of the key moments in the wedding day is the first dance of the newly married couple. That tradition is getting a new twist. More and more couples are taking the first dance to the extreme. In fact 22 percent of couples are now opting for a choreographed routine for their big day, as many feel that a slow dance is just not good enough. How do you feel about this? Did you choreograph your first dance? Email me at questions@uncoveredradio.com or tweet me @drlauraberman
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