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She is dating a guy with autism and is wondering how to handle some communication issues. Also, we help a guy out who is having cultural differences with his girlfriend’s father, how can he make a good impression on the family?... Read More
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Did or will you choregoraph your first wedding dance?
One of the key moments in the wedding day is the first dance of the newly married couple. That tradition is getting a new twist. More and more couples are taking the first dance to the extreme. In fact 22 percent of couples are now opting for a choreographed routine for their big day, as many feel that a slow dance is just not good enough. How do you feel about this? Did you choreograph your first dance? Email me at questions@uncoveredradio.com or tweet me @drlauraberman
Kids are expensive!
How do parents afford more than one child? According to government figures, a couple with a combined income of more than $107,000 would spend an average of $510,000 to raise a child to his 18th birthday. For a pair, the number is just short of seven figures, at $826,000. And those averages do not include college, which can add another $328,000 to the tab if both kids go to private schools and graduate in four years. Do you think you spent that much raising your children- email me at questions@uncoveredradio.com or tweet me @drlauraberman
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Do women prefer men with big bellies?
Tonight on the show we discuss some new research that suggests three out of four women would rather have a man with love handles than a six pack. Almost 100 percent of the women surveyed said men with beer bellies have better personalities than those with a good body. They also say guys in shape prioritize the gym over spending quality time with their significant others. I want to know how you feel about this: Email me- questions@uncoveredradio.com or tweet me @drlauraberman
Tall or short guys for marriage?
Tall or short may affect more than just a man's suit size -- according to a new study it may also impact the success of his marriage. Dr. Berman discusses tonight on Uncovered.
Football is Back!
This will help explain why so many people are salivating for the football season to get underway: When asked, "Which is your favorite spectator sport?" The most popular answer, by far, was NFL football. The NFL received more votes than the three runners up - Major League Baseball, college football, and auto racing - combined. So tell me are you excited that football is back? - what is your favorite sport- do you watch? Email me at questions@uncoveredradio.com or tweet me @drlauraberman
Working that 9-5?
There's no such thing as a 9-to-5 job anymore. According to a new poll, on average, employed Americans actually work 47 hours a week, not the standard of 40. Nearly four-in-ten workers say they work 50 or more hours a week, and 18 percent worker 60 or more- tell me has your work week increased over the years? What do you do to balance it out? Email me at questions@uncoveredradio.com or tweet me @drlauraberman
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