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His girlfriend always wants to go to her families house for holidays and he is sick of it! Also, how can you un-invite family friends that you didn’t want to come to your Thanksgiving dinner? Plus, how do you handle a recovering... Read More

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Who laughs more?
When a man and a woman are having a conversation, who's likely to laugh more? In a review of 1,200 case studies, researchers found that while both sexes laugh a lot, females laugh more. Women laugh 126 percent more than men. Who do you think laughs more in your relationship? Email me- questions@uncoveredradio.com or tweet me @drlauraberman
My ex moved on... but I haven't!
Matt broke up with his girlfriend. She started dating again and he is stuck to watch it unfold on social networks. What can he do? Does he have a chance at getting her back? don't miss it!
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The baby may not be his!
Dr. Berman helps a woman who is pregnant with her Fiance's child... so she thinks. She had an affair around the time she got pregnant and is not sure who the baby's father is. Does she wait for it to be born? Does she fess up now? don't miss it!
Do you prefer your wife's cooking or mom's?
Men prefer their mother's cooking to their wife's. Men favor their mother's culinary skills because they conjure up more traditional, hearty dishes than their spouses provide. Mothers rarely serve frozen meals and they cook something they know their sons like. Wives and girlfriends, on the other hand, are likely to dish up pre-prepared meals from the freezer or microwavable meals. Also, one in four men often sneak back to mom's for dinner without their wife or girlfriend knowing. Tell me gentlemen- do you prefer your mom's food over your wife's? Email me- questions@uncoveredradio.com or tweet me @drlauraberman
He watches to much porn!
She is upset because her Husband watches to much porn. How can she confront him about it? When is it to much? ... Are you in a similar situation? Tell us about it. Call 855 5 UNCOVER or email us at Questions@uncoveredradio.com
The stresses of having a child.
If you're expecting, then in addition to your new bundle of joy, you should expect something else - your marriage will suffer. Based on findings from a study of more than 300 couples over 13 years, researchers found that most couples (67 percent) become very unhappy with each other during the first three years of their child's life. Tell me- do you think this study has merit? Email me- questions@uncoveredradio.com or tweet me @drlauraberman
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